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Consciousness Coaching addresses the spiritual hunger that many are experiencing but do not know where to find help. Hello, my name is Bill O’Brien and I’m a Consciousness Coach. I coach from a universal spiritual paradigm rooted in the sacred literature of the world, acknowledged scientifically researched stages of consciousness, and contemporary brain research in neuroscience.

Let me answer three frequently asked questions about Consciousness Coaching and tell you a little about myself.

The three questions are:

  • What is consciousness?
  • Who should seek out a Consciousness Coach?
  • What happens during Consciousness Coaching?

So, first, what is consciousness?

From its Latin roots it means to “know with”. This means that there are varying degrees of awareness that can be accessed or “known” by experience. The idea of “knowing with” means that we have an accomplice in Spirit, the all-present energy in the Universe. Spirit is contained in all things and also transcends or exists independently of all things. The ultimate “knowing” is that all is Spirit, all is one. Each of us and all other creatures are united in a universal band of energy. Since this energy or Spirit is Love, each successive level of consciousness brings with it a more all-encompassing experience and expression of Love.

The second question is: who should seek out Consciousness Coaching?

Really anyone who finds the above description inviting would benefit from it but I will suggest three groups:

  • Young people – they seem to understand this more readily than their elders. They are very quick to make progress.
  • Mid-lifers who are feeling disillusioned by the false promises of our culture and who may have a vague sense that the ladder they’ve been climbing was propped against the wrong wall.
  • Senior citizens who want to discover deeper (or we could say “higher”) layers of life as they look ahead to the great transition of death, life beyond the veil.

For the answer to the third question, “What Happens during Consciousness Coaching?” please click on Coaching and listen to the 2 minute video entitled “Consciousness Coaching Intro.”

So these are three FAQs; now for some background on myself.

  • I am based in Shepherdstown WV, a charming, bucolic, yet dynamic, university town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Washington, DC.
  • Ever since my earliest memories, I have been drawn to spiritual matters first in the form of religion, then more broadly as spiritual, and now more broadly still as consciousness.
  • I am blessed with high mystical consciousness and am passionate to awaken the inner world in others.
  • In my twenties and thirties I was a Jesuit, i.e.,a member of a Roman Catholic religious order officially named the Society of Jesus. They are known for their intellect and spiritual depth.
  • I have made numerous silent retreats, sometimes for as much as thirty days, and I have accompanied hundreds of people on their spiritual journey even as my own paradigm has expanded.
  • I know the inner terrain and would be privileged and excited to help you discover new dimensions of reality and of yourself.

I’ve enjoyed visiting with you. Thanks for stopping by.

304-876-6071 billobrienconsciousnesscoach@gmail.com

Consciousness Coaching addresses the spiritual hunger that many are experiencing but do not know where to find help.

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